Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's a wrap

A big thank you to those who joined our celebrations yesterday, in particular:
- Bek, our NYC correspondent
- Marion, our Cambodia correspondent
- Geoff, for special comments live from Denver CO via Skype

And an extra big thanks to my wonderful flatmate Kelly for allowing our shenanigans.

No word yet from the major US networks acknowledging our amazing feats of prediction in beating them to the punch repeatedly with our superior race calling throughout the afternoon. Incredibly, this blog is STILL the only media outlet to have called the result in North Fitzroy. We lead the way, people. Congratulations - that's CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN.

See you all in 2012 for OBAMA vs. PALIN. I can't wait!

Signing off,

Simon "Yes We Can" Barber

P.S. Goodbye George W. Bush!!!

Cleaning the house...

... was not entirely unlike untangling the wall street crisis. We wish president-elect Obama more success and less nelson county kentucky bourbon in his endeavours to do so.

Analysts at work

Can we do an afterparty?


Election night in NYC!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Simon calls Indiana for Obama

You heard it here first!!!

Times Square NY

Pics of us watching the concession

Marion, our Cambodian correspondent

Live from New York

The election analyst hard at work

Ahh McCain, you haven't done it again (or ever)

Di and Mel in NY

Another photo from New York

Live from our NY correspondEnt

Bek Hamed sends a pic from the Rockefeller Centre in New York

Ohio goes to Obama

34 Mark Street declares Ohio, AND THE PRESIDENCY for OBAMA!!!!

You heard it here first.

Big thank you to ACORN.

The real roadmap to the White House.

You don't even have to win California!

more pics

more party pics

A risky gambit

Simon confidently calls North Fitzroy for Obama

Breaking News!

Mathew Kenneally calls Florida for Obama!

You heard it here first!

House decorations